At our winery, everything we do is focused on select wines. So we’re more than happy to show them off in style – and in the most fabulous of locations.


Welcome to the wine island of “Heyles’en Werth”! The island has belonged to our family since 1815 – and it’s been one of Germany’s most interesting and unusual growing areas for Riesling ever since. Its name dates back to the previous owners, the Heyles family, while “Werth” is the local term in the Middle Rhine Valley region for “river island”. As one of the islands with the highest elevation above the average water level in the Rhine, our island enjoys natural protection against most flooding events.

With just two hectares of vines, Heyles’en Werth is to this day one of the smallest separately cultivated vineyards in the world. The broad area along the banks features natural riverside woodland that is home to many plants and animals. But Heyles’en Werth isn’t just the source of our famous island Riesling, it’s also a very special event location: perfect for our “Cuvée Surprise” wine-music-theatre event, the “Reif für die Insel” event, or our presentations of the latest vintage.

But of course you can hold your own events and celebrations on our wild, romantic island: we work with experienced partners to arrange your wedding celebration, a special birthday, or an exceptional business event. Whether for a two-day cricket tournament and barbecue, an island rally adventure, or a convivial bonfire on a warm summer’s evening, we’ve had some famous names as guests here. Besides happy couples and private parties, we have also welcomed the likes of Lufthansa Technik, Allen & Overy, Daimler Global Training, ZDF Sport, ECE, ZÜBLIN, Deutsche Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers – and for all of them the trip away from the mainland was an unforgettable experience!

We are happy to put together an offer that is tailored to your needs.

A selection of our partners:

  • Stübers Rhein Hotel, Bacharach
  • Agentur LuXX, Dresden
  • Sea Cloud Cruises, Hamburg
  • Viatour Germany Incoming, Frankfurt
  • Cornerstone-meetings, Frankfurt
  • Hotel Weinbergschlösschen, Oberheimbach
  • Preuss Event, Wiesbaden
  • Michael Balzer Catering, Wiesbaden
  • [blickfang] event design, Mainz

wine & song

Cuvée Surprise

Cuvée Surprise is a creative blend of wine, music and theatre. Begin with one third Riesling, one quarter baritone and two tenths Rhine. Add a dash of Strauss, Brentano and Goethe. Then stir in a pinch of piano and a few drops of Ringelnatz and Gernhardt. What you end up with is a wonderful evening full of music and poetry, comedy and choice wines. Friedrich Bastian takes his guests on a journey through the legends of the Rhine Valley, weaving together his own story with the rich cultural history of the region and its many myths in his own tongue-in-cheek interpretation of them. Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes, with a short interval. Six different wines will be offered along with bread and mineral water.


  • 21 June and 22 June 2019 in our vinothèque
  • Start: 6 p.m.
  • End: around 8.00 p.m.
  • Advance booking only: 30 euros per person.

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